Seniors Speak…

Growing Old Gracefully

To younger, concerned family members who may be caregivers or just helping out occasionally, please remember that it can be frustrating for an elderly person with a sharp, quick mind when they just can’t get the body to follow along as quickly as they would like.  And it can be especially upsetting (even though they may not show it!) when a younger friend or family member, consciously or unconsciously, becomes impatient and rushes them.  Or, (and this is the worst), throws things away that you may think they should not be holding on to, whether that be information, a magazine, or too many books that are causing clutter.  These items may hold a great deal of importance and personal value to them, or they may have not had the time to get around to looking at it yet, and feel even more powerless when their things are involuntarily stripped away from them.