About Gil Polk

A passion for home care services to older adults since 2003!
My name is Gil Polk, and I have been offering relief for family caregivers and assisting elderly clients with activities of daily living since 2003. Shortly thereafter, I became Director of Community Development for LIFEMAX Senior Services, to spread the word about the need for fair and compassionate home care for the elder community throughout the five boroughs in New York City. I found that the people I would speak with, doctors, lawyers, social workers, government officials, acknowledged the need, but would offer very little active support to the elder community.

In the end, I find the greatest satisfaction working directly with seniors and offering them home care that exceeds their expectations. A job well done gives them piece of mind and allows them to relax and not have to worry about many of the daily challenges we all face or will face as we age into older adults.

Gil Polk – Assisting family caregivers and older adults with home care:

  • College: Portland State University, Oregon 1986
  • Professional School: Reiki (First Level) 1996; Reiki Peace Network (2nd Level – Advanced Certification), 2000.
  • Current professional activities: Private Practice * Guest Lectures * Writing
  • Family: Gil and his partner of 12 years enjoy living in New York City with their 2 cats and spend weekends with nature in upstate New York.
  • Interests: Songwriting, swimming, yoga, reading, writing, and cooking with the many great chefs in my life.